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Introducing our Recycled Acacia Dining Table with Iron Legs, measuring 220cm x 100cm x 76cm - a perfect combination of sustainability and style. The table is crafted from reclaimed Acacia wood, which not only adds a unique character to the table but also supports environmentally friendly production.


The table's surface has been carefully sanded and polished to reveal the beautiful natural grain patterns of the Acacia wood. The sturdy iron legs add an industrial touch to the table, ensuring stability and durability.


This spacious dining table provides ample seating for large family gatherings or dinner parties, allowing everyone to sit comfortably around the table. With its unique design, quality materials, and sustainable production, this Recycled Acacia Dining Table with Iron Legs is a beautiful addition to any home.


SKU: NE034
  • Dimensions: 220cm x 100cm x 76cm

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